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Re: Advice re wide angle for M4/3 wanted please.

Originally Posted by snerkler View Post

I currently have the EM10 with 14-42mm EZ pancake zoom, Panny 20mm f1.7, and 45mm f1.8. I know the kit lens is never going to be as good as a prime, but I have to say I'm disappointed in how much difference there is between the 14-42mm at 42mm and the 45mm throughout all the apertures. There's a marked difference to me eyes.

I'm hopefully going to be taking a lot more landscapes and have my concerns about the 14-42mm EZ for this due to the above. I did a comparison with the 20mm f1.7, both at 20mm (much longer FL than I would normally take landscapes) and the 20mm f1.7 was noticeably better,..... until I had a play in Lightroom where could get the 14-42mm to just about match the 20mm unless pixel peeping.

So my questions is this, is the 14-42mm EZ actually pretty good at the wide end (based on my results compared to the 20mm which is considered an excellent lens), or is there a wide angle lens that would show the same level of difference that I see between my 14-42mm and the 45mm? I thought about the Panny 14mm f2.5 as that's within my current budget, but I've been told by many folk to save me money as I won't see much difference from my 14-42mm. Lenses like the Olly 12mm and 9-18mm are pretty pricey, so if I did save for one of these it'd need to be noticeably better than the 14-42mm for my to justify it. There's then something like the 12-32mm Panny, which I could trade my 14-42mm EZ in for, likewise the 12-50mm.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
The performance of most zoom lenses falls off at the "long end" due to the design compromises that have to be made compared to a prime. The 14-42mm EZ is a pancake design which I suspect introduces further compromises. The 45mm is, IMHO the jewel in the Oly m4/3 lens crown as a "budget" lens that performs like a high grade lens so comparing this with the EZ 14-42 at its weakest focal length is probably not a meaningful comparison.

I use the 12-50mm which I find quite acceptable at 12mm for my needs. It does suffer from some barrel distortion but if you shoot JPEGs I believe the E-M10 corrects this automatically. If you shoot raw (as I do) this can be corrected in raw conversion software (I use DxO Optics Pro which also does this automatically).

As Paul says if you want the best wide angle performance it costs ( some pretty exotic lens shapes are needed to get good wide angle performance). You could hire a 12-50mm from the group hire service to evaluate it for your needs and you will be able to claim a discount If you subsequently purchase one within a certain period.


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