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Re: AF not as accurate

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
No problems with AF on mine so far. Seems more accurate with my 50-200 in fact. Since it's the ED, the focus limiter really helps since I can set it for 5m-infinity (or whatever) which stops the thing racking back and forth through the whole focus range.

Focus accuracy on the u43 lenses seems just as good as on the mk i.

Just a thought if you are having difficulty - because it's PDAF, is there a need for calibration. I see that there is a micro-adjustment feature. Personally I hope I never have to use this - it was one of the things that I was very happy to leave behind when I moved from Canon.
You've touched on the point that this model will use PD-AF (with CD-AF using DualFast AF) & would focus differently in certain circumstances to the E-M1 with u43 lenses. I had to adjust the micro AF adjustment in my E-M1 for my 50-200 SWD lens at the tele end (+3) because of the lens calibration & I would not be surprised that there might need to be adjustment needed with the u43 lenses too. I suspect it might have a lot to do with technique for the above users though as I think the two focussing methods needs to be used to each of their advantages, such as the focus area with CD-AF needs to cover the subject with contrasting detail & not the background (as much as possible), while PD-AF will tend to focus on detail in the foreground.

Since using my 40-150 Pro lens (& especially with the MC14) using CD-AF (on the E-M1), I find it may not lock onto focus as easily as the 50-200 SWD lens did (with PD-AF) in some circumstances & I have to be more careful with the size of the Focus Area, because of it. Anyhow, the point I'm trying to make is, technique &/or Micro Adjustment might need to change with the Mk II model over other models. I would think it should be more like using a DSLR for technique, but then I haven't had a chance to try one yet.

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