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Cool New site features coming up

From next week and during the rest of the month we will be adding some new features to the site.

1. Top featured gallery images on the front page. Gallery images that have a rating of 8 or higher will be randomly shown on the front page of the site. In preparation for this, it would be great if we could have more images rated - it's very easy, just visit the gallery and have a nose around and rate any pictures you feel deserve your feedback - and you can leave comments too.

2. Latest gallery images on your user profile page. Thumbnails of your latest gallery images will be shown on your user profile page.

3. Front page links to hot forum threads. I'll be on the look out for really interesting forum threads and these will be linked independently of the latest threads so that they will remain visible and more easily accessible for longer.

4. Revised smileys - long overdue

5. Video clip tutorials to help you get used to many of the handy features of the forum and the gallery.

If you have any other suggestion for enhancing the site, I'm all ears - though I can't promise to implement everything.

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