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Re: I just bought a e400 body with no lens for my daughters O level at school. Advice and offers ple

Originally Posted by Ulfric M Douglas View Post
My advice would be to look for an Olympus e-410 or e-510 with kit lens 14-14mm at a price around 150 all-in. If you can get the two-lens kit and camera for less than 200 go for it.
(Without prior DSLR experience I can't imagine why you bought an e-400 with no lens : doesn't make sense.)
Hi Ulfric, to be honest before I found this site I had looked on ebay for some time and most DSLR's were going well above 200 mark, so I figured at 112 + pp it wouldn't be too difficult to get a cheap standard lens. The rest of your question you answered yourself, I have no experience of DSLR's so didnt think it would be too difficult to pick up a 2nd hand standard lens, I know when I was doing a lot of photography with my trusty old canon a1, the more exotic lens's were a lot more expensive, but standard 50mm lens's were 10 a penny. And there were a lot of 3rd party manufactures making relatively cheap compatibles that were pretty good and a lot less expensive. Sadly I see that does not appear to be the current case. I feel that perhaps you are being a touch pedantic as I had already stated I "used" to do a lot of photography, so am obviously operating under my preconceived idea's and experiences. To tell me to buy another camera when I had already stated I have already purchased said E400 does not take into account the fact that as stated I am on a limited budget, being a single parent of a daughter who's school course which I assume you know starts next week, (as most kids go back to school then). so this isnt really an option now. Lets just say I was .... lol

Now I have made my bed and must lie on it. So it appears I need a 14-42, unless anyone can sell me a 40-150mm kit zoom (mkI or mkII) or a Oly 14-54mm for about the 50 mark which would be in my budget,

I thank you all for your advise and I am open to offers on the above mentioned items. I may well then try to source a e410 or e510 ( though as its for my 14yr daughter will probably stick to the e410 for it size ) but that will depend on getting a buyer from ebay to take the e400 1st, so will have to be done during a school break now. Again thanks everybody for your input.
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