Thread: Is f2.8 enough?
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Old 9th August 2010
Alan Clogwyn
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Re: Is f2.8 enough?

I reccomend the Vivitar 24mm f2.8, should fit the bill nicely. Until I can get hold of a Zuiko 21mm at a non stupid price it will remain my main lens.

I assume that from your shallow DOF requirements you're going to be shooting pretty close up, in which case focussing is a breeze. It's really not as much effort as people seem to think, plus when you do set it to F22 you are getting the DOF of F22 in the viewfinder, not F2.8 so theres so little out of focus even if you can't see what you're focusing on chances are it'll be fine!

Here's a sample, and if you want more then have a look in my Holes in Walls thread, and on fiur thirds user look at my Granite Quarry thread, all taken with this lens.

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