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Re: Is f2.8 enough?

Originally Posted by Bromptonbloke View Post
Thanks for the warm welcome and forthcoming advice!

I presume though that the 50mm OM lens will be 100mm equivalent with 4/3?

100mm is a bit long for my emerging interest in street photography, even though they seem to be cheap and plentiful on ebay.

So is it correct to assume that the f2.8 of the pancake is not worth the expenditure?
The f2.8 of the pancake is about a stop better. Whether that is worth it in terms of DOF I really need someone with direct experience of the lens to answer. In the OM range at around this focal length you are looking at a 24mm f2'8 which is going to cost a fair bit more than a 50mm. The 24mm f2 is quite rare and probably too expensive to consider. Also, fast aperture legacy wides often do not perform well on a digital sensor. Unfortunately the choices do seem quite limited for you.

Why not use the forum lens hire service to try out the 25mm pancake before you buy and then look for a second hand one if it suits you? Hire would cost you 8.68 for 3 days and this would be refundable if you then bought a new lens.

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