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Re: windows on mac

No probs Dave, questions are good.

I like to buy all my Mac stuff from the Apple store, so I'd get it from there although PC World is as good for software etc.

If you have a CD copy of XP or Vista you may be able to use this legitimately if you remove it from the original PC.

I had a copy of XP that I used on an old Del laptop (I have two Dell laptops because I upgraded), and I had purchased a copy of XP Pro for that machine as it only came with XP Home Ed. So this is what I used when I installed XP on my Mac.

You install parallels first, then when you launch that, if it doesn't find a copy of Windows, it asks you where the install file is. Use that, and it installs XP perfectly.

It sounds confusing, but it is a straightforward process really.

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