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Re: Ruddy Darter Male

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
Lovely images, Harold.

As you so rightly say, many dragonfly images are spoiled by complex & highlit backgrounds and, depending on individual preference, by limited depth of field (or, rather, by wrong choices on where to place the dof).

Using the various m4/3 long lenses with close focusing is really useful to get a good working distance from these skittish beauties.

Have you tried handheld focus stacking or bracketing for this type of subject? I took a load last year but, I'm ashamed to say, I haven't yet got round to processing them
Thanks, Mark.

Re: DOF. I set the DOF preview on my EM-1 last year but have only just started using in in the past few weeks. A tip: don't set your focus distance while in preview.

Focus bracketing when the subject likely to move and/or the breeze moves the subject would be a good definition of a fool's errand. I can't do it anyway, as I can't be bothered to update the firmware.

I imagine it all happens during a burst, in which case, what are the chances of maintaining the framing?

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