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Re: An army of clones

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
Cheers Simon!
Yes the M6 started my conversion and I thank you for pointing me in the direction of an absolute bargain. It's a keeper for sure and last year I decided to have it CLAd by CameraWorks-UK (Alan and James Starkie) who provide a first class service. Now restored internally it's a camera that will outlast me I'm sure.

About a year or so ago I switched from street photography to photographing things, a sort of sabbatical, but the sirens are calling me to return from where I started back in 2013. I need to have an emotional connection in my work, but objects don't quite do it for me.

I get the GAS attacks now and again like everyone else and lately I've been eyeing the FM2 or possibly the F3 (although the latter has probably too much electronics for my liking). It's like a scratch having not owned a Nikon. Life is short, so why not!
I was flattered that you took my advice regarding that M6, after-all whist you know me via the forum we do not 'actually know' each other and whilst a bargain by current prices it wasn't exactly 'loose change' either. I however knew that you had nothing to lose by going for it, it you bonded with the M6 you would fall in love with it, if you didn't you could have sold it on very quickly without a loss, in fact if you were to sell now you would make a healthy profit.

As it happens you bonded with it and it shows in the quality of your street and abstract photography. I believe the M6 has become an extension of your arm and eye and when one becomes 'as one' with their equipment normally the standard of work produced becomes better and this is regardless of brand, its all about familiarity and being able to work without thinking about settings on the camera.

Camera Works are indeed very good, meticulous in their approach to servicing, repairing, repainting. I am sure your M6 will run super smoothly for many decades now. I am tempted to contact them to see if they will repaint brands other than Leica, I quite like the idea of a hammertone finish to my silver FM3a.

Most of us get GAS attacks every now and then. The F3 is a very, very good SLR, so good in fact that demand from pro's meant it stayed in production past the F4 and half way through the F5 cycle! Don't worry about the electronics, they are incredibly robust, I would argue more so than any other electronic camera ever made. It's not without its quirks but then what camera is, it is however super tough, super reliable, super smooth and a super bargain.

If you have an itch to scratch, scratch it I say. It's not as though you will be spending thousands unless you but the brand new one currently at Grays

“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”
― Henri Cartier-Bresson
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