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Re: OMD EM1 Auto ISO

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
Hard luck. It would be wonderful if all settings could be saved to an SD card and reloaded, but it seems to be impossible or they'd have done it by now. Another one to add to the E-M1 mkII feature request list.
I'm not a mark ii owner but I think that did make it to the spec.

I'm sure they could add it to the E-M1 Classic spec with a firmware update if they wanted, but they might not want to. Would be useful not only to reinstate settings after updates (or flat battery - I noticed that lost all my settings on a rarely used E-M5 II. It would also be useful if you have two bodies which you want to keep in step.

On of my bet beefs on the menus. when you want to save a set of settings to a Myset, you press a button labelled "set". And when you want to load a set of settings from a Myset, you also use a button labelled "set". It's too easy to get this wrong. The buttons should be labelled something like "Load" and "Save" or similar.
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