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Old 30th July 2018
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Re: Pushing Tri-X

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Microphen was my choice of brew back in the day!

I didn't shoot nearly as much Tri-X as I did HP4 and HP5, and even some well out of date (honest!) HP3! FP4 was my usual choice, though. Even some Pan F from time to time.


Let's not forget XP1 400 too!
Microphen being a fine grain developer, I believe. I'm currently using Agphotolab for development but I'm planning to get the D&P kit together as the Mrs has given me an amber light to get my act together (that's a positive change since her earlier views on home souping).
Choice between changing bag and pop-up film changing tent (smaller than the name suggests) has been on my mind, but I think the pop-up wins to overcome sweaty hands in a bag in close proximity. Sadly the pop-up has been out of stock for a few weeks already.
I hope to try a variety of film stock and a number of different developers too.

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