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Re: Voting procedures...

Well, I dunno. We have enough members using "Thanks" instead of "Like" as it is - despite Mark repeatedly asking that only "Like" be used! If we now have the option of 1 "Like" and 3 "Thanks" and 4 "Hail Marys" (or whatever) I can see lots of confusion. My vote (no pun intended) would be simpler:

- Allow members to give as many "Likes" or "Thanks" as they like. Both count the same.

- Winner is the one with the highest tally.

That way, we can show appreciation for as may shots as we like and it's simple. If we REALLY like something we can vote for it twice by saying "Like" and "Thanks".

If we could enhance the site to allow two different levels of "Like" - e.g. "Like" and "Wow" then maybe we could simplify it, but I think this would work well enough without any changes.
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