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Re: Lens cap 15mm v 14-42 2R

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
Personally, I think a 16mp sensor on M43 is the optimum size because it is capable of making 16 x 12 prints at 288 ppi and that is enough for me. Cramming many more pixels on the sensor will only increase the possibility of diffraction limitation at larger apertures.
John - there is no correlation between pixel density and diffraction effects so long as you're talking about an image of the same output size. Diffraction effects will increase the spreading out of a point source (or edge) in geometrical terms. No matter how many pixels you place on that spreadout it's still the same amount of spreadout. Of couse, if you go viewing at 100%, then the image size increases as the MP go up, but then you're looking at a larger magnification.

As to whether 16Mp is optimum or not... as the owner of a 20Mp m43 camera I can definitely say that there is a slight improvement in terms of distinguishing fine detail and also some slight improvement in DR and tonality. These latter two are probably more about the sensor tech than the Mp count though. In overall terms though the improvements are very small and I wouldn't lose sleep if I had to live without them.
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