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Re: HLD-4 power grip

Originally Posted by Ray Shotter View Post
To reply to your query about using BLM-1 batteries from non-Olympus sources ! I have found no problems when using one Olympus BLM-1 and another replacement BLM-1 in the HLD-4. I have some BLM-1 replacement batteries because I need two BLM-1s in my B-HLD30 (the power battery holder for the C8080W which my wife uses) and spares for my E-510. They all work perfectly well with the genuine Olympus BLM-1s and I don't have to think whether I have mixed the types of batteries in the battery holder. The only proviso I would add is make sure the non-Olympus replacement batteries match the specification of the Olympus BLM-1.

PS - The state of charge of the batteries does not appear to be significant. I have just inserted into the HLD-4 a partially charged non-Olympus BLM-1 (which has been used in my E-510 over the Christmas period) with a fully charged Olympus BLM-1 and the E-3 is working perfectly.
I would agree with Ray above. My experience has been exactly the same with the HLD-4 + E3. It seems that the problems HLD-4 are contained within the operation of none BLM-1 (or equivalent) batteries.

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