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Re: Football

Originally Posted by Bikie John View Post
When is the game, Alan? I have a 4/3-m4/3 adapter that I won't need over the next couple of weeks - it is the Panasonic DMW-MA1E, not the Oly MMF-3, so it works fine but doesn't have weathersealing. If we have time you are welcome to borrow it, I could pop it in the post on Monday.

As Anne said, you could think about hiring an EC-14 from Ian (you're not borrowing mine, it's still rugby season, sorry ). If you do that, you could ask Ian if he has an MMF-3 to hire as well.

Of course, all this is pretty academic if the game is this afternoon!

Another point - you say that you want to get pics of all the players. I suspect that is a tall order, even if you just try it for your son's team. I try to spread the shots around at rugby, and even though I know the guys and the way the team plays I usually end up with a pretty lopsided collection. What seems to happen is that somebody has a very good game one week and is always in the thick of the action so I get loads of good shots of him, and the next week he is quiet and hardly features at all. I reckon that trying to do that with a bunch of strangers whose patterns of play you don't know will take too much concentration and you are likely to miss too many good shots as a result.

Having said that, it would be good to spend chunks of time concentrating on the attackers, then the defenders, and make sure you get some of the goalie. If you are at the end your own team is attacking, the goalie is 100 yards away - but if you go to the other end to get photos of him they will score. You can't win!

As for where to stand - the first thing to check is where you are allowed. Assuming you can go anywhere, I'm not sure that next to the goal would be good. You would be close (possibly too close) to plenty of action, but it might be difficult to get clear shots without the goalposts or other bodies getting in the way. I suggest picking a spot and watching for a bit, seeing what happens where and maybe trying somewhere different after a little while. What not to do is chase the ball up and down the pitch all the time, as it moves faster than you do.

It might even be worth getting the odd shot of the match officials doing their stuff. I think they feel a bit like drummers do in bands - they are always there but the only time anyone pays them any attention is when they want to swear at them!

And finally, just to stress it again, practice if you get the chance.


Thank you once again... the match was On Sunday/ yesterday and I used your advice, although I ended up favouring my 75mm which was stuck on one of the bodies with no converter.

On the other body.. I tried the 50-200mm and got some usable images... but it was hard to follow the gameplay.. and zooming in and out was hard as the ball keeps moving.

I decided to stick with the 14-54mm and then got better coverage of where the ball was... and also tried to get individual shots with the 75mm ( great cropping on the 75mm)

The 75mm is one of my favourite lenses now...

The stadium was a beautiful stadium,( maidstone) although they had closed two sections off and I was restricted to two sides of the pitch, with all the gameplay being focussed at the wrong end.

I was very lucky to get "press photographer" high vis jacket... I am lucky that the local rag did not show up. I was provided access onto the pitch

The one issue I had was carrying too much with me.. I even brought a foldable chair and flask ( did not need) so it restricted me a little..

I will post some of the images.... when I have been through 850+

Clearly I knew nothing about football... as when I asked the man next to me if a penalty had been awarded he said " no it's a free kick" and then he walked off.. ( he probably does not know anything about fashion photography)

Thank you very very much John for your kind offers.... I shall reciprocate with the offer of use on my lenses.

Best wishes

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