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Old 23rd February 2015
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Been offered an EP2

Hi Guys,

WOW, its odd being back. Some of you may remember me hopefully lots of "new" people won't lol Glad the forum is still kicking around.

I sold all my camera gear when my wife and I separated so I could continue to pay the bills and Harrisons upkeep :-) till I got a job. I've not taken a photograph in anger for a few years due to a lot of personal issues and Music taking over however as always the bug is coming back.

I need some advice if possible? I've been offered a EP2 with 17mm pancake lens for 100, is this a good deal? Is the camera decent? I'm used to the quality from my E3 and will this camera produce similar results?

I shoot a lot of dark places so what is the low light performance like?

Thanks in advance.

Lovely to see some old names still about

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