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Re: Olympus in the Universities

As far as I know the equipment is bought by universities – they're going to buy the 'professional brands' i.e. C&N. These are likely to be what the students will use when they go on to work.

One of the reasons C&N are popular with professionals is it's easy to hire stuff/get things serviced etc.

In t'olden days Pentax used to be big in education, partly because the K1000 was a simple rugged, workhorse.

Olympus gave up on professional 35mm when autofocus came in, so had a lot of work to do to get anyone to trust them again as a long-term proposition.

The E-1 is still probably my favourite digital camera – but there was such a wait between it and the E-3, that I imagine a lot of people moved on.

There is a lot to be said for getting people young – I know Ilford do a lot with education for this reason.
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