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Olympus in the Universities

I was looking on ebay to see how much second hand E1 cameras are selling for and came across this comment from a seller.

"Olympus E-1 DSLR camera body. This camera was bought new, by myself, 2 years ago. It is still in excellent condition and full working order.
The reason I am selling the camera is because I am currently studying for a degree in photography up here in Blackpool and I can borrow all the best lenses etc from the college.
Unfortunately the loan equipment is either Canon or Nikon, no Olympus, so to take advantage of this I have "jumped ship" to Nikon so the Olympus has to go.
Were it not for the availability of this loan equipment I would not be getting rid of this camera."

I wonder why Olympus lenses/equipment is not available in Universities/Colleges. We all know that using Oly cameras is their best advert, wouldnt it be a good marketing move to get cameras/lenses into these places? Instead Canikon are there and by default taking satisfied Olympus users away.
Might be something to suggest to the powers that be Ian.
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