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Re: A Few Shots from the HCT today

A couple more of Charlie Brown, showing how well the composite focus system in CAF helps when shooting small birds at distance

The first is the full frame, resized for the web, the second is a 100% crop from the full frame (ISO 1600, CAF with 6fps - small single point central focus box))

As a check to make sure that the above wasn't the result of focusing on the trees + DOF making Charlie look in focus, here is the third shot in the sequence, where he is well clear of the trees, manually tracking in the EVF with CAF maintaining focus

one more (it amazed me anyway ) this is a 100% crop, un-resized of the 8th of a sequence of 10 extreme distance shots of Charlie climbing through the sky and turning over into a stoop on the lure. At this point he is doing around 80-100mph and the single point CAF has kept him in focus throughout the sequence (it is obviously lacking in detail, but the fact that its a very small section of an ISO1600 image my have something to do with that ). I'm sure that although I may have managed one lucky frame, the EM-5 couldn't have done this

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