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Re: A Little Beauty

Originally Posted by art frames View Post

On the ID I am afraid I lean towards books rather than google and wiki and if it is woundwort then an open flower to show the white markings would have helped. The colour of yours is far more attractively deep than the specimen I see here but everything else looks right and so it probably is.

I spent a while photographing it's near relative the yellow archangel at bluebell time and appreciate the shot you have for its good points. It is really hard to get a good specimen in the right light and without damage, bird crap etc. That said all you end up with is a botanical specimen shot - however good (and this is good).

How do you weave in its story? It has been known since ancient times as a medical plant, made into poultices and ointments to stem bleeding and act as an antiseptic. It was planted in monastery gardens and also churchyards. My book also says toads enjoy living in it's shade. It is a plant with a story to tell.

I have no real answer to my question, it is just I believe that there needs to be a story in really excellent photographs. What sets apart an image from others? Technical perfection is just a small part. And I believe you have that part sorted. Many of your other shots fill the story element far better - and as you know I am a supporter of your passionate photography of urban wildlife.

IT IS PERFECT but is it complete.

H'mmm - Guilty as charged I think, I just thought it was a beautiful little flower and wanted to make a pretty picture, can't do much better than that for a story other than it was an afternoon I devoted to looking for beauty in small things.

But there is nothing wrong with a bit of 'pretty', nor do I think that you suggested there was.

Yes, it is only a provisional identification as a Wound Wort, I too think it is darker than the references I have seen would suggest (but of course the flowers were curled and therefore denser). I'm happy, having been back, that the colour is pretty accurate. But I can't see anything much else that would match those leaves.

I'll be back to more documentary style when I get the chance, it's just that the coots/moorhens/mallards are onto repeat broods. There is a Little Grebe nest with eggs I'm watching, and a visiting heron that refuses to co-operate. I may as well photograph flowers whilst I wait for the unexpected.

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