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Re: If Sensor Size Doesn't Matter, Why Buy a Bigger One?

My A7 II has three tangible advantages over my more extensive M43 kit:

1. Dynamic range. I can shoot -2 stops with ease. If I use Capture One to process the raw, the penalty for this is almost unnoticeable.
2. Hand in hand with the dynamic range is native ISO-100. What I would give for an Olympus camera with true (well, as true as you can get) ISO 100!
3. The usual low light advantage, though the A7 II is considered relatively poor in this respect.

For my photo, DoF is not normally a disadvantage. If I shoot a scene at f8, on the A7 II, I can get very similar results, at equivalent focal length, by shooting f4 on my Olympus kit.

But what about size? There's not a great deal of difference between the A7II and E-M1 II. The A7 II is at it's best with a light (f1.8) prime, whereas some of Sony's fast zooms are huge. Of course, I also have a Pen F which is far smaller than either the Olympus professional body or the A7 II.
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