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Re: E-System Mirrorless?

Originally Posted by Nick Temple-Fry View Post
Is there anyone else reading this who feels that they've missed the last week in February and all of March.

This sort of announcement (after dinner speculation?) should only be made after Olympus has proved, to photographers satisfaction, that AF and evf actually surpass that of a conventional dslr. Not whilst such a contention remains clearly disputable.

I anticipate some 'damage limitation' from Olympus.

That said I agree the inevitably of the move, and its desirability if the technology advances sufficiently. But for the next two years I do not want to spend my money relying on an unproven hope that the newer technology will mature sufficiently before I am left stranded.
I don't expect to have much to spend on camera equipment over the next two years, it's a case of make do with what I've already got. Which is actually a high quality and comprehensive system that meets all my forseeable needs.

Maybe that's why I am able to be so sanguine about this revelation.

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