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Re: v3 Firmware for mk2 - updates for mk2, m1x and lenses

Originally Posted by Walti View Post
Noise definitely is better with the new firmware, so there must be some post processing going on in the camera before the RAW file is written - my brother got quite irate about the fact that the lens correction is done like this rather than being done in post process "it's NOT a genuine RAW file then" - I shrugged as I'm happy with the output and it really isn't important to me where the processing is done.
You can explain to your brother that lens correction to RAW files is NOT done in the camera, the RAW files really are RAW. I can understand why he jumped to the conclusion that it is done in the camera, but it isn't.

The explanation is as follows.
1. The M43 standard specifies that the lenses should contain a chip with data about themselves. This includes what the lens is, and importantly what the lens corrections should be, including barrel distortion and vignetting. The standard also mandates that all M43 cameras and post processing programs must read that data and apply it completely automatically.

2. That data from the chip in the lens is stored in the RAW file when the camera writes it.

3. All M43 cameras also use the data, so JPGs in the camera are corrected.

4. All good post proccessing programs do it too. For example Lightroom, and ACR in Photoshop do it, and it isn't an option, it just happens. If you specify lens corrections in those programs, those will be done in addition to the automatic corrections.

5. There is some software that deliberately does not do the automatic corrections, allowing some people to do exactly what they want. If you use it to take a file, such as from the Oly 7-14 Pro used at 7mm, you will then see lots of barrel distortion, showing that the RAW file really is raw. But if you look at that RAW file in Lightroom, or Photoshop, setting no adjustments, you will see it undistorted.
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