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Re: v3 Firmware for mk2 - updates for mk2, m1x and lenses

Well I've spent the afternoon trying out the new firmware (rather than worrying whether it's embedded software or not) and although I've not got much to show for it - I took some deliberately ropey photos to push into the areas the MKi would have failed and the previous firmware would have struggled.

I think my view* is that the photos are coming out of the camera as RAW files a little sharper and I believe that once the camera has got a focus lock it is somehow more accurate, I'm getting less soft focus issues, I'm not 100% sure but although it's not mentioned the stabilisation may be a tadge better too, I seem to have got less motion blur on still photos, not sure whether that's the more accurate focussing or my imagination!

Noise definitely is better with the new firmware, so there must be some post processing going on in the camera before the RAW file is written - my brother got quite irate about the fact that the lens correction is done like this rather than being done in post process "it's NOT a genuine RAW file then" - I shrugged as I'm happy with the output and it really isn't important to me where the processing is done.

I'll do a reply to myself with some sample images on so you can judge for yourself.

*a bit vague as it's subject to change!

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