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Re: W10 peek-a-boo for Junes update

Nigel, many thanks for your advice.

Firstly, you've stopped me worrying that I did something wrong when I formatted the new drive by saying it always happens when cloning, although choosing MBR rather than GPT was maybe wrong, I don't know.

Yes, unfortunately there is a partition (recovery Partition) between 'C' drive and the unallocated section.

If I was to shrink 'C' drive (leaving space for any new programs I want to install of course) and expand the new section (let's call it 'D' for now), presumably I would move My Documents, Downloads and everything else except programs before I shrank it. Would I just drag and drop Documents etc or is there a better way?

If I was to install my 480Gb SSD as a second drive, is it just a simple drag and drop to relocate the Pagefile.sys file to it, and where is Pagefile.sys?

Thanks again

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