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Re: Advice on lenses

Originally Posted by OM USer View Post
You have a good range of lenses to cover all the well used focal lengths; the only lack being the less well used ultra wides. I would stick with what you have for the moment to see what upsets you the most. It might be size, weight, balance, speed of focus, changing lenses, or just plain old image quality. That way you can spend your pennies wisely on where it most counts. The 12-40 PRO is a stellar lens but does not suit everyone because of its limited zoom range which is why some people prefer the 12-100 PRO. If you find that you are happy with the range of the 12-50mm then this may inform your decision at some time in the future. Look at the pictures you are taking and decide if they are limited by your equipment (including ergonomics, lack of light, lack of reach or angle of view).
Thank you for your reply, certainly answers some of my questions, I am tending towards the 9-18mm lens which is the only area that I am not covering, particularly as you can pick up this lens for around £200 second hand or £330 new.
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