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S-AF(MF) - a slight downside

When I started using OMD a couple of years back, I quickly decided S-AF (MF) seemed to be better than S-AF for normal use in that it gave me the extra option to make fine tuning using the focus ring while the shutter button was half pressed. It seemed a no brainer to allow myself this extra possibility, even though rarely used, and I was a bit mystified why anyone wold want S-AF without the (MF) option. So I've been using that ever since as my starting point at power on and my most used mode, with occasional forays into MF.

However ... after a spot of experimentation today I've just realised a slight downside.

The Rls priority S option in the menu system has a default setting of OFF, and this means it won't take photos in S-AF unless you're in focus. (You can set it to ON if you like your photos fuzzy).

What I didn't realise was that this protection from fuzziness is only for strictly S-AF, and if you're in S-AF (MF) mode you don't get that protection - even if you haven't sought to override the auto-focusing by touching the ring on the lens.

I think I shall abandon S-AF (MF), and instead start at S-AF, and sometimes switch to MF (using Fn2 which I have set up for that purpose) and then twist the focus ring. (I also have the option of using the AEL/AFL button to grab a quick auto-focus while in MF mode, as I have AEL/AFL defined as S1/C2/M3.)

This will leave me in greater clarity. If I'm in S-AF then the camera will force me to be in focus, by refusing to take a shot if it's out of focus; if I'm in MF mode then it is my responsibility to get the focus right (with the help of peaking and magnification).

S-AF(MF) isn't quite the no-brainer I thought it was.
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