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Re: High Res shot and studio flash - not working on EM1 Mk2

Just checking, was this problem corrected in such way that you can use non-olympus flash transmitters in HR-mode? Obviously profoto and elinchrome should work, but I am interested in younguy and other cheap center-pin transmitters.

I am in planning to do some repro-photography of some museum stuff and plan to use EM-M1 mk II in HR-mode. I also have 3 FL-50R (and FS-SRF11 & FS-STF22, but range is too limited) but I am sceptical whether those will get optical rc-command from flash in camera as the FL-50R's are located inside softboxes. So I think that I should obtain some cheap rf flash transmitters. I have already ordered softboxes, but as time is of essence I might need to order flash transmitters before getting softboxes.

One of challenges is the large size of artwork which is being reproed, they are approx 2-3m wide so with 50mm F2 (old 4/3) I have to get quite far from art.

Any guidance is welcomed,

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