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Re: The appeal of digital photography

Originally Posted by Walti View Post
With film, however good my intentions for making notes at the time, I couldn't remember exactly what I was doing when I took the photo so the learning process was a lot slower (and more expensive!)
Originally Posted by MikeOxon View Post
I agree with all that but the bit in parentheses at the end was a very important driver, especially in the early days, when digital quality wasn't so good. No film costs
While I agree with what you're saying, you have to take other factors into account.

1. The cost of buying a camera with built in redundancy. Makers are always coming out with Mk whatever which is better than the previous model.

2. A need, eventually, to buy a faster computer to cope with ever more bloated software that slows it down. Frustrating and annoying.

3. Storage of digital files, (photos), that is backing them up. External discs, CDs or cloud cloud storage, maybe all three.

4. How many of us actually print the results?

Yes, I know all the arguments against film, can't see results untill after D&P, scanning and storage of negative etc. I'm just saying digital isn't as cheap as it first appears.

Just my two pence worth.
Regards - Paul
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