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Re: GF6 for infra-red conversion?

Yes, get it done professionally. With either ACS, or Protech Photographic in Sussex, who did my latest conversion, and had it back to me in 5 days, including a bank holiday monday! Very impressed.

If you want the false colour option, 720 is the best to go for, unless you really want to be able to do bright golden foliage for some reason, then 590 is the one for that.

I started dabbling on a Canon Sureshot at 720, and wasn't entirely happy with either the false colour I could get, or the B&W conversions from it. But then I also had no clue about processing at that point. I've still got a 590 EM-10 mkI, which gives stronger colour options, but I found over time I was gravitating towards B&W as my preferred IR option, and again, wasn't 100% happy with converting to B&W from 590. I may still do some false colour someday, so have hung onto this body, but good B&W was now my goal.

So my latest venture is to have had my spare body (a Pen-F) converted at 830. Yes, it only does B&W, but that's what I want from it, and it's doing a superb job SOOC so far, with no messy fiddling about with channel swapping and all that stuff.

It's horses for courses, really, depending on what you want. 720 gives you different options, until you either decide that's right for you, or that you want to go longer or shorter wavelength with the next one. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing the output!

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