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Re: Underwhelming CAF - 9 and 5 point modes

I've been doing some more checks of the CAF on 5/9 point modes after discussing it with someone over at DPreview forums. It appears that despite the single static indication of what appears to be the locked single CAF point within the group of 5/9, on review of the full info display that shows the precise focal point used, the focus point does indeed move looking through a burst of images taken. The initial CAF point just stays illuminated (or re-illuminates when focus is re-acquired), but may not actually be on itself but another in the group of 5/9.
It's good that it works correctly in the background, even though the location of focus lock is pants and doesn't give you any kind of clue which of the 5/9 AF points are active when shooting, just that one of them is locked/in focus!
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