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Underwhelming CAF - 9 and 5 point modes

Hi there, this is my first post on this board so please bear with me if I'm going over old topics or rambling on. I did have a E-M1 until about 18 months ago, and have recently came back on board with Olympus with a E-M1 ii. I'm also a Fuji (XT-2, X Pro 2) and Sony user (A7R2), and some of my CAF observations are in comparison to those two systems.
I'm a bit surprised/dissapointed that when using either the 5 or 9 point AF areas, that the point that initially acquires focus (single box goes green), then remains the selected AF point and acts as a single AF point throughout the burst, or as long as the the shutter button is half depressed. The other AF points available in the group never become active unless the shutter is released and then re-pressed. It essentially acts as a single AF point does, just with the added randomness of selecting from 5 or 9 initially but then on not changing to pick up the best edge/contrast. Throughout the burst the processor doesn't decide to move within the 5 or 9 group, even if the object being tracked moves say from the right side of the 9 box to the left side. However, using CAF with all 121 points, the AF points will 'track' actively, throughout a burst and with a half depression of the shutter, always following the point/object it judges to be the best bet (bird against a clean sky - easy, cluttered background more challenging). I want the exact same performance as the 121 full array, within the confines of a 5 or 9 point group. Both Fuji and Sony systems continue to keep all the selected points active throughout the burst/half depression, I can't remember what the E-M1 did after fw 4.0.
Am I missing something in the AF menu settings? I just want the 5 or 9 points to remain active and constantly select the best edge/contrast point throughout the burst, just as they do when all 121 AF points are selected in CAF. Or at least make it a CAF menu selectable option (along with a 4x4, 5x5 or a customisable AF box option would be nice!).
Any enlightenment as to the the current CAF options available that I'm unaware of will be gratefully received.
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