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Re: Bought a Brand new MK1 E-M5

Originally Posted by Pistnbroke View Post
Well Zukio there is ...all the photos I have are from Nikon D810 so you wont want to look at those and when I did post on another site members use some google picture search tool to locate my website and cuaused problems sorry no .Judges from the MPA etc have given an opinon and thats enough for me.I pick up my nikons to make money and my olympus to relax ..Its low profile for street use if it gets stolen but 16mp and one card sorry too risky for commercial use . Now all relax respect others views and go enjoy your image making.
Please don't assume that I wouldn't want to view an image just because it was shot on a Nikon, or any other camera - it's the result that counts. One of my favourite photographers, Galen Rowell, used Nikons exclusively and what was good enough for him is certainly good enough for me! In my younger, fitter days when I was able to lug a medium format (film) system plus camping gear up hills with comparative ease, I probably would have used a 36mp full frame DSLR had they been available, despite my inherent dislike of the 3:2 aspect ratio (plenty of scope to crop with that number of pixels).

Sounds like you had a bad experience with another forum, probably something like Talk Photography, and I'm sorry to hear that (hope you didn't rub them up the wrong way ). It's a shame, because I would prefer to learn from your experience and ability rather than just have a rather tiresome debate about the relative merits of two camera systems that are equally good in the context of the purpose for which they were designed.

Just one question about your reply, you appear to be saying that 16mp is no longer sufficient for commercial use, does that apply to cameras such as the D4?

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