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Re: Wildlife Photography (and all its difficulties…)

Originally Posted by tenzan View Post
Hi All,

Thanks for all the responses - it's been really helpful. And the full size images are much better to look at - I'm not sure how to do this, so just had thumbnail links.

What I found fascinating was actually viewing the birds through the camera. There is feather detail that I wasn't aware of. And although I need to rethink my C-AF approach, taking burst shots of the gulls, and viewing them later, I found the movement of the wings remarkable.

Well, off to find another Robin. With the one I took above, there was actually a treecreeper on the trunk of the tree (would have liked to have got one of that!), but it wizzed around the other side and I missed it. The Robin could feel my pain, so stepped in.

Needless to say my respect for wildlife photographers has increased immeasurably!

Thanks again,


PS Great photo of the owl, Geoff!
Three great shots there.
Not using an EM1 by any chance are you, the C-AF capability is supposed to be improved in the next FW update 3, this month.
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