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Re: FOR SALE: 14-54 mkII

Originally Posted by Ralph Harwood View Post
Hi there Sosen13!

This is the later 14-54mm so has been designed to work with contrast AF (LiveView on 4/3 cameras) so should work ok with your e-m5. It is a great price and the only thing stopping me buying it is that I already have one! You can ask other members of the forum for their experiences of using it on an E-M5 as I haven't got one to try it on, but it is supposed to be usable.


You are quite right Ralph, I forgot to mention this. As it was designed to work with "Contrast AF" it does indeed focus quick and accurately on the e-m5, at least that is what I found when I had an e-m5. In fact I would say it performed better on the e-m5 than when used on the e-m1.

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