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Re: Button press and shutter

Hi there Niranhopper!

One thing that a DSLR would have to do that your E-M5 doesn't is raise it's mirror - and that will always take a few milliseconds due to the size and weight. Although the E-M5 has to close and then reopen it's shutter it should still be much quicker due to the mass involved ("shutter shock being a smaller issue generally than "mirror slap.")

Provided that you are pre-focssing on the object you want to photograph, there isn't really much you can do to speed the camera up - you really have to learn the art of anticipation (I'm still learning as 100+ pictures of an empty bird feeder this weekend will testify to).

As an asside my fathers first digital camera (back when VGA was high res!) had a great feature where it could take a photo just before you pressed the button. In practice it was constantly taking photos but not storing them to the card, and just had a buffer with the last half second or so of photos stored which it would write to the card when the button was pressed. If only our modern cameras had this ability!


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