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Re: selling up and moving on...maybe

Originally Posted by OlyPaul View Post
Tom I think hybrid is a marketing ploy by Oly and when all the smoke and mirrors are over it is going to turn out to be a MFT body with pdaf on the sensor (courtesy of Sony) and a supplied mft to ft adaptor.

This way a improvement is seen over the E-M5 better AF (pdaf) on mft lenses to appeal to and keep the MFT owners happy and justify the price hike over the E-M5, and also they hope keep the minority FT owners happy and make Oly money from both camps.
I'm afraid you might be right. I was kinda thinking a E-510 sized mirrorless camera with a PDAF adapter. Now with this expected at the end of the year deal I'm not so hopeful anymore, we've heard this line before. For me that's OK, I don't need more kit, and certainly I don't need to be tempted by another body, but I fear that others maybe disappointed. Hope Oly puts out some good teasers or something to keep peoples interest...soon.
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