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Re: Impulse buy

Originally Posted by Pjphoto59 View Post
I took the new E-P3 out for a trial run today.

It seems slightly chunkier and heavier than the E-P2. Focus is very fast.

The IQ is very good indeed.

One rather disconcerting thing is that after making an exposure, the screen "black out" is a lot longer than it is on the E-P1/2.

It seems as if there is a delay in the shutter re-opening after the exposure. No adverse effect on image.

I tried changing from a 20 MB/sec SD card (class 6) to 45MB/sec (class 10) but no obvious difference. Is this normal E-P3 behaviour?
I don't recall the black out being a feature of my E-P3. Are you sure the delay is after the exposure and not before? I ask this because I'm aware of a practice of setting the camera to 1/8th sec Anti Shock to prevent the "problem" of shutter shock and the previous owner may have been one of those unduly worried about this "issue."

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