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Re: Retirement move ?

Originally Posted by Graptolite View Post
We get a lot of folk moving up here to Galloway to retire Chevvy. There's a big differential in house prices between the south and here, and lots of people (though fewer since the housing slump) who may have spent summer holidays in Scotland, sell up their houses down south or wherever, buy the equivalent (or better) here and live quite nicely on the profit, which is to be honest what I would do as well if I was in their shoes. And generally, with odd exceptions, they are very nice folk who are much more appreciative of things like the countryside, scenery, community spirit, exceptionally low crime rates (few people round here bother to lock their doors) than most of us who have been here for generations, and we're happy to welcome them here.

And then they find that it's not quite the paradise that they thought it would be. Far from the summertime idyll that they might have experienced on holiday, the winter months can absolutely fecking miserable with significantly shorter daylight hours than in the SoE (we do make up for it in the summertime), bugger all to do in the way of entertainment, the nearest proper hospital 75 miles away, the shops (what's left of them) are crap and also a long way away, there's no decent transport system, petrol is much more expensive, friends and family support is now an 8 hour drive away, and to crown it all, as far as buying a house is concerned for many people it's a one way trip - they are never going to be able to afford to get back into the housing market elsewhere because they've spent the money they made on selling their old house. We used to talk about the three year syndrome - in the first year after arriving there would be breathless anticipation and great plans, the second year dawning realisation, and third year a quick exit back down south again - if they could afford it.

I'm not trying to put you off - just pointing out that there are upsides and downsides to relocating to remote rural areas, particularly at a time of life when you may be starting to need a bit more in the way of support. The grass isn't always greener elsewhere!

David, such VERY SAGE advice and VERY much appreciated.

Sounds a bit like the "move to Spain ... or other place" ...

Nick and I dont often go "out" only for a meal 3 or 4 times a year we buy DVDs and enjoy stting back with a drink and snacks- being able to pause for a phone call or loo brak or to refill glasses (hic!) and NO PEOPLE CRUNCHING CRISPS OR TALKING (as in the cinema

Do you have Tesco etc., on line shopping delivery ?
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