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Re: How disappointed was I!

Adam my experience couldn't have been more different. I got to the stand early about 10:15 when it was fairly quiet and stood around talking for a while with the sales staff and other interested users waiting for my turn to play with the OM-D. Had several minutes try of both the black camera with the grip and the silver one without the grip. There also seemed to be a few pens around as well. One of the sales guys gave us a really good demo of the art filter operation and the way you can view them on the camera as well as the general operation of the menus. Later in the day I came back out of curiosity for the two dance sessions. Boy were they busy couldn't get very close but I must say James and Ola were very professional excelent short dances and James was quite relaxed in chatting to the audience. After the second dance session as the crowds thinned I was able to ask one of the sales guys about the 4/3's adaptor and how it would work with 4/3's lenses when he promptly pulled one out of his pocket and handed me the OM-D to try. I spent several minutes trying my 14-150 PanLeica lens on it to check the AF performance back to back with the 14-50 kit lens. Although I wanted to be quick so that I didn't hog the camera I didn't feel rushed at any point by the sales guys. I agree that the other Oly cameras were conspicuous by their abscence which was a real shame and there were only two OM-Ds as far as I could see. Overall it was obvious that Oly had concentrated on the OM-D and the staff did a brillint job they were very helpful knowledgeable and friendly plus understandably definitely shattered at the end of the day. Sorry you had a different experience but I can't wait till next year. I hope they decide to follow up and attend again with more cameras to play with.
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