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Old 6th March 2012
Adam Easton
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How disappointed was I!

Got up extra early this morning to go to Focus on image.

The plain. I would like to check out all the Olympus kit to see what will work best for us. For me I was interested in the E-5 as I would like a pro spec camera that is splash proof for when we go sailing and my wife is interested in a E-P3. Great! Go to the show, take a look at the kit ask all the question., great!

I arrive at the stand and no cameras. Some dancers but no cameras.

I turns out all they have is a couple of OM-Ds. Very nice but I am not really that interested but if that is all they have to offer then maybe I will take a look. I stand in a queue for a very long time. In the end I am handed an OM-D. Within seconds it was snatched away and handed to another guy, Who’s that, I asked. Press mate! The staff was not interested unless you was going to order the OM-D.

I suggested as a Camera company that some of the customers my be interest in seeing the odd camera. We haven’t got any was the reply.

I did have a look at canon stand and guess what! Cameras, No dancers but lots and lots of cameras I asked a very nice sales lady for some help and she showed me a very nice D7 with some lens and even my wife has picked here new camera and they have given me a list of deals for me to place my order.

Shame but an epic Fail
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