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Re: Is this as good as I will get?

Originally Posted by timmypreston View Post

Danny, thankyou for taking the time to share those pictures, isn't the E410 a higher spec than the 400?
Timmy the 410 has the Panasonic sensor compared to the E-400s Kodak sensor.

Saying that I still have a preference for the Kodak sensor which is why I probably still like to use my E-1 for low ISO shots.

I agree with Ian, has nice as your images are there is still room for improvement before you exceed the capabilities of your camera.

A couple taken with the E-500 which has exactly the same sensor and processing engine as the E-400.

The small butterfly which is as big as a man's thumbnail was taken with the lowly 40-150mm kit lens and a close up filter.

Regards Paul.
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