Thread: HELP! Bag for my E-410
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Old 3rd November 2009
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Re: Bag for my E-410

I use a lowepro AW Rezo 160* - just big enough for E510 with its lens, plus one other lens:

I have used it with the 2 kit lenses, or with the 11-22 and the ZD50 or with various pairs of legacy lenses. You can jam a spare battery in the elastic side pocket and your EC14 + spare cards in the zippy bit at the front, and off you go

Its about as small as you can get and still put a camera body + 2 lenses I guess :-)


Clive is correct, you could rearrange the internal dividers to take body+lens plus 2 lenses - but I found that a bit tight with long/large lenses like the 11-22
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