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Re: Flash advice

fl36r is ok size for my e-m10. When I compare this to metz 51af1 then there are some pros and cons. Metz is ok for my old E-1 for mirrorless its bigger and heavier than the camera itself. Oly has better control when using directly to the subject, Metz tend to overexpose. If to use ceiling or wall bounce then Metz is better thanx to more power and shorter recycle times. Recycle times are a pain for Oly it's more-less for 50 shots but after that it starts to take some time (unless you manually decrease the power). Both work very nicely via in camera remote. But fr36r is very old design so don't know about the new ones - they should be more compact.

edit: forgot, for metz you need to take the flash off from camera in order to change the batteries
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