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Old 26th June 2019
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Re: Flash advice

Flash..What's that? Ok. me joking there. I have not used a flash in ages till last weekend. The high ISO and the f2.8 lenses have been a real help.

Back to flashes, you have the choice of Oly branded FL36, FL50, FL700, FL600, these cost a pretty sum or you can go for 3rd party brands like Godox, Nissin or that Metz ( Rolls Royce of the non Olys)

So the question would go back to what type of batteries and how fast the refresh rates you are looking at. Will you be planning on running multi flash?

If you have any old flash, you need to make sure the trigger voltage as some old flash triggers at over the recommended of 24V. So check it before plugging it in.
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