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Re: Global Shipment of Digital Cameras Down

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
The reason is simple to understand. Everyone's p!$$Ä* off with digital and they're turning their attention to film cameras. No wonder the second prices are on the up. Grrr!

More seriously, the digital camera has become an established mature product, so manufacturers are chasing a diminishing demand by adding minor improvements to attract those poor individuals who are incapable of saying no - the pure gear-addicts. Additionally, the camera technology in mobile phones has improved so much, of late, that many find the 'camera in the pocket' to be more than acceptable, and one you rarely leave the house without.
Not quite... Itís the compacts, the Rebels, the E-M10 mk X, the Nikon DXXXX that seem to be dying the death. For those of us who want to do real photography, with real cameras (notwithstanding the old school film purists) who will see things start to get more expensive. Hence cameras like the EOS RP as bigger sensors become more a thing. It means more people will make do. Pros will continue to be pros.

Incidentally, many make do already. Thee are plenty of users of 10+ year old DSLRs out there who make do already, and make great photos.
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