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Re: Never have I ever

Interesting thread which shows how wonderfully diverse we all are in terms of what we shoot, how we shoot it and how we use our cameras

I do use multiple exposure to get that out of the way.

To actually answer the question though I don't use.

> digital teleconverter
> art filters
> jpeg other that occasionally to review B+W on camera
> programme modes of any sort
> so far Pro Capture but I can envisage I may do in certain circumstances
> High def
> video

I do use many of the excellent facilities which the EM1.2 offers

> bulb and live time/composite
> focus stacking
> HDR but only as a convenient bracketing tool with the actual blending in PS
> multiple exposure
> level tool - I check and calibrate regularly and it seems to be and remain accurate
> live histogram plus under/over exposure blinkies
> focus peaking as well as AF depending on the situation and my mood
> button/control customisation
> preview button to check focus and/or depth of field along with magnification.
> the screen at all sorts of angles
> IS except when on a tripod although I remain open minded as to the real need to switch off when on a tripod as I've never been able to identify any difference when I have looked

In short a personal mix of functions which work for me. This is one of the beauties of this system in that it can be customised in a very personal way and that with the advantages of mirrorless is one of the reasons I always recommend Oly kit if asked.

I've worked hard to be this grumpy. It hasn't been easy at times but it's worth it.
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