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Re: Never have I ever

Things I've never used (except maybe to play with once and then forgotten about):

- Multiple exposure
- Digital Teleconverter
- Bulb mode (but I use LiveComp and LiveTime a lot)
- Most of the JPEG output stuff (so no in-camera HDR, filters, picture mode, etc - but I have used focus stacking)
- Pro Capture
- Adobe colour space
- Focus peaking
- Video
- Any of the playback functions (slide show etc)
- AF illuminator
- Beeping noices (focus confirmation beep drives me potty!)
- AF focus adjustment
- Multi-function button or its settings (got it mapped to ISO)
- Histogram (but I use the "blinkies" religiously)
- Mode Guide
- Selfie Assist
- Exposure shift
- Any metering mode except "ESP" (I rely on Liveview with blinkies)
- Shading compensation
- WB settings (always on Auto - I shoot raw )
- Keep warm colour
- Quick Sleep
- Changing image dimensions/aspect ratio
- Timelapse
- LV close-up mode (still haven't figured what this does)
- DOF preview
- OVF simulation mode
- iAuto mode
- External flash sync socket
- Mechanical shutter without EFCS (anti-shock)
- Stabiliser off
- Touch screen - except as a focus point pad
- The second card slot

Things I use seldom and could live without:

- Keystone
- De-fish
- Hi Res mode
E-M1ii, Pen-F and too many lenses
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