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Re: Thornton Pickard 5x4" half-plate view camera?

Originally Posted by Petrochemist View Post
These massive cameras weren't the norm in the 1930s, they were more routine prior to the release of 120 (& similar) films (around 1900), but still offered considerable advantages for those wanting top quality.
Things like the box brownie were much more common & considerably smaller. The move down to 35mm followed as the cameras/film became available.

I admit i'd like to get to play with my 5x4 (a monorail camera with more movements available, not as good looking as these ones), but the film cost nearing 100 a box compares very badly with digital!
Did the lenses of the day ever match the abilities of the huge negatives I wonder?

I was scanning some old family photographs over the weekend, some of which would have been taken on large format studio cameras. The quality was remarkably good for their age, but definition was somewhat lacking, which left me wondering which was the weakest link in the chain.

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