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Thornton Pickard 5x4" half-plate view camera?

I wonder if anyone here knows anything about Thornton Pickard 5x4" half-plate view cameras, or could point me to any fora or resources for people who might?

A friend in the village has lovely 10x8" and 5x4" Thornton Pickard view cameras, which he mainly likes for their aesthetic qualities, although they do have working shutters. The 10x8 is complete, but he's missing a lens for the 5x4 and he'd like to track one down (either a Thornton Pickard, or else something from the period that will fit). The lens mounting boards have different screw threads and aperture sizes for the two cameras.

The cameras, with the 5x4 on the left:

We've done some research without turning up any obvious & recent leads, so before we start a blunderbuss approach I thought I'd pose the question to the hive mind here...

Anyone wanting to find out more than they probably wanted to know about Thornton Pickard (based in and near Manchester: active between the late 1880's and 1939) could click here:

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